Paketsafe Experience

Save time: an average of 12 hours time save Paketsafe owner per year. This is an extra 1.5 days of holidays, every year!

Save money: savings of about 20 EUR per year for car, fuel, parking, bus tickets. And growing!

Save stress: our customers save about 25 grey hairs per year :-) receive parcels hassle-free!

Customer Experience from 300.000+ Deliveries

Paketsafe is an innovative solution for a massive problem of our times: an ever increasing amount of parcels. Wherever we meet customers and potential customers, they are very enthusiastic about the Paketsafe. Everyone understands its advantages straight away: Paketsafe owner save time, money and stress.

Following we show real Paketsafe experiences of our customers. We regularly get personal stories about what went wrong with parcels before customers bought their Paketsafe and also stories how well it works afterwards. We're happy to share these experiences with you.


Without Paketsafe: Feedback

"Sometimes we get parcel notices in our mailbox although I was at home. The delivery guy didn't even ring the bell. I know they are under time pressure, but this is very annoying!"

"I love my neighbours. They take my parcels, when I am not at home. However, they also do this on Friday afternoon, before they leave for the weekend. So I don't get my parcels until Monday."

"Delivery notice card: 'I missed you today at 11am' - yes, I was at work - ' will come back tomorrow at 11 am' - well, I am working as well, also the day after tomorrow..."

"The delivery service placed the parcel in front of my apartment door. Unfortunatelly the box was labelled with ''"

"Unfortunately I can't decide which delivery service Amazon uses, sometimes it is UPS and the depot is 15km away."

"The parcel was placed in front of the door. After it started raingin, it was soaking wet."

"I get more parcels than mail. Pretty normal for someone my age. Every week I rush out of work at 5pm to queue up with 20 other people in front of the post shop to pick up my parcels. What a waste of time"

"Notification said: 'your parcel is on the balcony. I threw it up there.' What?!? There was a camera lens inside."

"I am 78 years old and am alright with accepting parcels for my neighbours. I think this is what good neighbours do. However, some neighbours pick up their parcels only 3 days later. This stresses me out. I am not a post shop."

"I drove away for the weekend. The parcel delivery service put the parcel in the 'paper garbage bin' to store it there. Unfortunately it was emptied the next day. As I saw the parcel notification, I was speechless."

"My neighbour usually accepted my parcels, when I was away. Whenever he had to leave, he just left it in front of my apartment door. Once a parcel with a new Camera got stolen. Now we are having a legal fight, because the insurance says it is my neighbours fault and he has to pay..."



Best of: personal experiences WITH Paketsafe

"When I come home from work and walk around the corner, I can already see that the Paketsafe is filled. It feels like Christmas. My parcel is waiting for me and not the other way round."

"My wife and I are both working fultime and hated it to pick up our parcels at the post shop. We searched for a parcel box, but those were all either to small or to space consuming. By 'accident' we discovered Paketsafe and are very happy with it."

"The invention of the year! says my parcel delivery guy. He's totally happy with our Paketsafe and instantly told other customers on his route about it."

"Our Paketsafe is mounted on the fence. Recently, we dis-mounted it for 2 days to paint the fence. In our mailbox we found a note 'Where is Paketsafe' from the delivery service"

"Finally more independence. For 2 years my wife and I struggeld to find a parcel receiving solution for ALL delivery services. All options were either eay too expensive or un-practical. When we discovered Paketsafe, we bought it straight away."

"In the last 6 months I received 20 parcels. I did not even have to go to the post shop once. All parcels were delivered into Paketsafe. Except for one, but this was a mountain bike."

"My Paketsafe experience? I buy my christmas gifts online and at the last moment. Thanks to Paketsafe I know, that they still arrive before Christmas."




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