We are very happy that you want to become a Paketsafe vendor!

Please watch our video and get to know us:

Why have you been contacted?

    • the demand for Paketsafe is currently increasing rapidly (due to the TV-show and increasing online-shopping)
    • We get many requests from potential customers where they can test our products and buy locally
    • This is why we search for a friendly vendor in every region to whom we can send the potential customers 

 What is my advantage?

    • Satisfied customers: Offer a solution to receiving parcels safe and easy
    • Income: You get 25% discount (e.g. 50€ on a Paketsafe Plus)
    • Starter-Set: with 35% discount (net 350,- instead of 550,-)
    • customers will continue to come to your shop: sending our parcels and return shipments
    • No hassle for you: Paketsafe cares for service topics and customers requests
    • Get listed vendor-map

     How do I start?

      1. You purchase our Starter-set
      2. We send it out straight away
      3. We list you on our vendor-map
      4. The 3 included Paketsafes can be used as you like: as sample in your shop, at home or sell it to customers
      5. We recommend that you hand out a flyer to every customer who picks up a parcel

    Purchase Starter-set   

      • 1x Paketsafe stainless steel (UVP: €179,-)
      • 1x Paketsafe anthracite (UVP: €179,-)
      • 1x Paketsafe Plus anthracite (UVP: €239,-)
      • 200x Flyer
      • 1x Promotional table flag
      • 1x Instruction for vendors with tips and FAQ for selling

    Start without any risk

      • Very low up-front investment of net 350€ instead of 550€ (one Paketsafe is basically free and two more can be sold directly)
      • As a family business, we are here for you personally
      • no stock keeping necessary for you. We do have our products on stock and can deliver to you within 24 hours

      Personal contact and service!

      • Any questions? Contact us.
      • or start directly as vendor?

      Purchase Starter-set