The Paketsafe is easy to mount and to use. Frequently asked questions can be found in this section. For any other questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Common Questions

No. The bag is protected by high quality stainless steel mesh wire, which is woven in around the whole bag. Knives, scissors, cutters etc. have no chance.

The Paketsafe is rolled-up unlocked, so the delivery service does not need any key.He/she simply opens the lid, throws in the parcel and pulls the lock, and everything is securely locked.

When the 1st delivery service pulls the lock, it is locked. We want to ensure that your parcels are safe. According to the largest parcel delivery services, getting several services on the same day happens in average households a lot less than expected, usually only around 2-3 times a year. Households shopping a lot more than average or customers with a small business at home can either give the delivery service they trust most one of the 4 keys or often buy two Paketsafe.

Yes. For Paketsafe, no language skills are necessary. It works intuitive. Just in case, we included for every product a sticker with a visual instrucation in pictures. But in most cases, this isn't even necessary.

You have to give your parcel service a "parcel deposit authorization" once. This will replace your signature and allows the parcel delivery service to drop the parcel only in your Paketsafe. Forms are available for all major services on our website under authorization to deposit.

Yes, Paketsafe is approved for all regular parcels. We tested it with more than 100kg. It is very robust.

Questions about the Paketsafe Mailbox

Yes, correct. If you don't like this, it can be covered from inside.

Dimensions are: 56cm x 38cm x 12cm. The open bag will needs another 80cm in space downwards.

Questions about the mounting

Wall Mounting: drill with 8mm diameter + screw wrench 10mm
Fence Mounting: 2 x screw wrench 10mm

Whichever height suits you best. Most customers mount the Paketsafe at a height of 110-120cm.
Tip: If you get lots of heavy parcels, you may want to mount it slightly lower, because it will then be easier for you to lift heavy parcels out.

No, you only have to drill 3 holes (drilling template included) and then just screw it to the wall. That's it!
Tip: If you mount it to a fence with our Zaunmontage-Set you don't even need to drill a whole at all!

The Paketsafe Mailbox requires 7 holes to be drilled in order to ensure perfect fit.