Information for renting an apartment/house

Are you renter of an apartment or house and searching for a solution to receive parcels as easy as possible, but large and unhandy parcel boxes were not really sutiable? With Paketsafe, the flexible parcel box, we have a solution for every living situation.

Are you renting a one- or two-family home or an apartment within a small apartment building?

Paketsafe, as well as other parcel boxes, is a relatively new concept. Therefore, there is no clear regulatory rule if you need to inform your landlord when mounting or using a Paketsafe.

We recommend:
Get in touch with your landlord and ask upfront. For most landlords this is no problem at all and many are indeed very happy about such solutions as it prevents from parcels lying around in the entrance area.

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Are you renting an apartment within a large multi-story-building?

In residential buildings with more than 8 apartments, it is usually difficult to install a regular Paketsafe as there are specific rules around fire protection and emergency exits. For such cases, we offer integrated Paketsafe mail and parcel solutions for the whole building. In this case your landlord or building developer needs to get in touch with us to arrange such solutions.

New: Paketsafe mail and parcel solutions! Unique, low cost and extremely space saving!

Now it is your turn. Let your landlord and building developer know about us and about our innovative solution and send them our contact details:

Phone: 09423/2008712


Solution for multi-family-homes and multi-story buildings