Mounting your Paketsafe is fast and easy.
The Paketsafe should be mounted in a way that the parcel delviery services can see it. So ideally somewhere near your mailbox or entrance door.

1. Wall-Mounting

Your Paketsafe always includes mounting material for wall mounting. Please keep in mind that this mounting set cannot cover each and every individual situation (e.g. wall insulation, etc.). Please use appropriate mounting material in such cases.

2. Fence-Mounting

If you would like to mount your Paketsafe on a fence, gate or railing instead, we recommend using our Fence-Mounting-Set. It ensures fast and easy mounting without any need for drilling.

3. Woodfront-Mounting

All Paketsafes can be mounted on wooden fronts as well. Just ensure that the construction is suitable to hold the weight of Paketsafe + parcels. Heavy parcels are often dropped into the Paketsafe by the delivery services, which is no Problem for Paketsafe, but the woodfront needs to hold this weight as well. Please use appropriate screws depending on the thinkness of the wood.

Mounting Instructions for Download


  • Is mounting a Paketsafe difficult?
    No, you only need to drill 3 holes (drilling template is included). Afterwards, just use teh screws to fix it to the wall. Done!
    Tip: If you mount your Paketsafe to a fence by using our Fence-Mounting-Set , you don't even need to drill any hole!

    The Paketsafe Mailbox needs 7 holes to be drilled, to ensure perfect fit.

  • Which tools do I need?
    Wall-mounting: drill with 8mm diameter + screw-wrench 10mm
    Fence-mounting: 2 x screw wrench 10mm
  • At which height should it be mounted?
    This is your choice. Most customers mount it at a height of 110cm to 120cm.
    Tip: If you do get heavy parcels often, we recommend mounting it slightly lower. It will then be easier for you to take heavy parcels out.
  •  Do I need to mount it protected underneath a roof?
    No, you can mount Paketsafe whereever it suits you, it is water- and weather-resistant.

  • Is the included wall mounting set usable for any wall?
    The included mounting set is usable for most of our customers, but not for all. If you do have a special wall or insulation, please ensure you are using screws and screw anchors that are most appropriate to your wall in order to avoid damage.