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Parcel and Mail Boxes are a combination of a mailbox with an integrated solution to receive parcels. It is a smart and comfortabel way to receive mail and parcels securely in just one place. The difference compared to the Parcelbox is, that the mailbox is already included. Stop chasing your parcels, instead your parcels will wait for you!
Mail and Parcel Boxes exist in different versions. In most cases it is a large metal box with a mailbox at the top end and a parcelbox on the lower end.
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Innovative, smart and modern - this is the Mail and Parcel Box from Paketsafe.

Why is the Mail and Parcel Box from Paketsafe so much better than others

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Usually, combined mail and parcel boxes need a lot of space and are therefore not nice to look at. Instead, Paketsafe is very compact and slim in design and after stowing, it is extremly space-saving.

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The robust bag with its woven-in stainless steel mesh wire (water resistant and cut proof) is absolutely flexible and adaptes to the form of the parcels. Therefore, Paketsafe can handle a lot larger parcels than most mail and parcel boxes.

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XXL Volume

The extra spacious mailbox is designed to also receive large newspapers. And if you are on vacation don't worry, the mailbox volume is a lot bigger than the small mailboxes of other mail and parcel boxes.

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All Delivery Services

Paketsafe is easy and intuitive to handle and open for all parcel delivery services. The parcel delivery agent will be very happy to see Paketsafe, as it makes his job faster and easier. Due to the national TV show, Paketsafe is the most known solution to parcel services.

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High Quality

Durable and robust, this is what we aim for. Therefore our mail and parcel box is made from high quality materials and are happy to help with our top rated service.

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Great Value

Our mail and parcel box is of great value and still low cost, considering the high quality materials and production in Germany. It is a lot cheaper than other quality mail and parcel boxes.

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How do Mail and Parcel Boxes work?

A Mail and Parcel Box is a mailbox with an integrated parcel delivery solution. With this, mail and parcels get securely deliverd into one place. This is smart and comfortable, as even today many households get more parcels delivered than mail.
Usually the mailbox sits on top of a lockable parcel bag or parcel box. The Paketsafe Mailbox is easy and intuitiv to use. Open lid - mail and parcel in - close the lock - done! Handling is super easy and the delivery service is happy.
See more at "how it works"

For which type of mail and parcels can a mail and parcel box be used?

Generally, it can be used for all mail, newspapers and parcels, depending on the size of the mail and parcel box. The Paketsafe mail and parcel box consists of a mailbox-module and a parcel-module. The mailbox is large, with a lot of space for mail, catalogues and newspapers, also when on holiday. The parcel-module is equipped with a 140l bag made from water resistant Nylon and cut proof stainless steel mesh wire. According to parcel delivery services, 99% of parcels delivered in Germany every year, would fit.

Why do people search for XXL mail and parcel boxes?

If someone searches for XXL mail and parcel boxes, they don't actually want a massive and large sized box, but they want a mail and parcel solution which can store large and very large parcels. The XXL is linked to parcel volume and size. This is important, because you will often find large and unconvenient boxes, which can only store parcels the size of a shoe box. Paketsafe is a much better choice. It has very compact measures when stowed , but can easily store large parcels with the 140l bag.

What are the measures of the mail and parcel solution (outside and inside measures)?

Mail and Parcel Box measures

Mailbox opening: 35 x 3.5cm
Mailbox inside measures: 36 x 36 x 10 cm
Parcel Bag Volume: 140 liter
Example sizes for parcels BxHxD:
1) 80cm x 55cm x 15cm
2) 70cm x 35cm x 35cm
3) 70cm x 45cm x 25cm
4) 70cm x 40cm x 30cm

Technical details can be found here

Which parcel delivery services can use a mail and parcel solution?

The Paketsafe mail and parcel box is open for all delivery services. There is no need for instructions, keys or codes to deliver a parcel. It is as easy as a mailbox and because it is very time-saving for delivery services, they are more than happy to use Paketsafe.

Can a mail and parcel box be used in a multi family home?

Yes. Particularly in multi family homes, delivering parcels is a difficult topic. Using a mail and parcel box generates instant improvement, as the delivery service always knows where to store parcels and no one has to search for them. Besides our standard products, we offer mail and parcel solutions specially designed for multi family homes
Find Mail and Parcel Systems
You are renting a house/apartment?
More informationen available here.

Is it possible to get parcels from different parcel delivery services withou emptying the parcel box?

Most mail and parcel solutions are not suitable for receiving parcels from different services on the same day. This is also valid for Paketsafe. Once a delivery service closes the lock, everything is securely locked. Why is this the case?
We want to ensure that your parcels are really safe. Solutions to receive parcels from several services on the same day are usually expensive, unsecure and to complicated for many delivery service employees to use. The average household receives currently about 48 parcels a year. Paketsafe works perfectly up to 100 parcels a year and is therefore sufficient for 95% of all households.
Customers who receive a lot more parcels usually buy 2 Paketsafe or hand over one of the 4 keys to the delivery service which they trust. Contact us for tipps. We are here to help.

Can I get a pole mounted mail and parcel box?

Yes. We recommend that you purchase two universal mailbox poles and then mount the mail and parcel box with the help of two of our Fence-Mounting-Sets. Please make sure that the poles are suitable for weights of up to 30kg. Paketsafe itself was tested with up to 100kg and still worked perfectly..
Get the Fence-Mounting-Set.

Is it worth to build my own mail and parcel box?

It is possible to build your own mail and parcel box, but it takes a lot of time and is expensive (if you take your own time into consideration). First of all, you need the right material, which is durable and weather resistant. A good choice is a stainless steel sheet (but wrong handling may damage the material). Secondly, you need an appropriate lock, which a parcel delivery service can handle.
The most important thing however, is that the mail and parcel box is recognized by the delivery services as such, because otherwise not a single parcel will be put in. Having built your unique DIY box, most likely this won't work. The advantage of Paketsafe is the well known brand, which is visible on the product. Parcel delivery services can so easily identify all mail and parcel boxes from Paketsafe and use it straight away to save time and hassle.

How do I mount a mail and parcel box?

Most mail and parcel box have to be drilled into the ground floor, which is often difficult. This is a lot easier with our product.
The Paketsafe Mail and Parcel Box can be mounted as easy as a regular mailbox. We offern detailed instructions for all of our products including drilling templates and Video instructions for mounting:
1. Wall Mounting
2. Mounting to wooden surfaces
3. Mounting to Fences/Gates/Ceilings using a Fence-Mounting-Set
Mounting Instructions

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Feedback from our customers for our mail and parcel box

Endlich eine funktionierende Lösung für Pakete!
Die Konstruktion ist stabil sehr simpel in der Bedienung und sieht an der Hauswand auch gut aus. Der Sack ist schön groß und mit seinem eingearbeiteten Metallnetz gegen aufschneiden gesichert. Der Sack ist im verhältnis zu den ganzen angebotenen Metallboxenlösungen viel größer, so dass auch (etwas) größere Pakete passen werden. Gleich nach der Montage kam zufällig der Paketbote von DHL und fand die Lösung auch klasse.

Paketbriefkasten gekauft von Kunde L.Roth
L. Roth (verified purchase)

Unser Postler ist begeistert!
Zuerst haben wir an eine Paketbox gedacht. Diese sind aber entweder nicht groß genug um auch mal ein größeres Paket aufnehmen zu können, oder extrem sperrig. Durch Zufall bin ich dann auf den PAKETSAFE gestoßen. Wirklich vertrauenerweckend sieht der "Sack" auf den Bildern nicht aus. Nachdem ich aber bei meiner Schwester das Teil in natura betrachten durfte, musste ich meine Meinung ändern. Der "Sack" hat ein eingearbeitetes Drahtgeflecht das man nicht mal eben mit einem Cuttermesser durchtrennen kann. Auch das Kabelschloss macht einen soliden Eindruck.

Paketbriefkasten gekauft von Kunde Markus S.B.
Markus S.B. (verified purchase)