How it works

Step 1: parcel delivery

The parcel delivery service opens the lid of the Paketsafe and puts the parcel into the bag. Via Push Notification and Loxone App you will get informed instantly. After pulling the safety lock, everything is securely locked. Done!
Does the parcel delivery service need my signature? No, thanks to the Authorization to Deposit. Learn more

Step 2: taking your parcel out

Once you come home, simply open the Paketsafe with your key and take your parcels out.

Step 3: Stowing

Just fold the two sides of the bag to the inside and fold up or roll up the bag into the housing. The Paketsafe is now ready for use again. In parallel, the Loxone App informs you and resets the status. 
More detailed information on the Paketsafe concept under „How it works“