How it works

Paketsafe how it works

1. Delivery
The parcel service arrives with your parcel. On the scanner it is already shown that a Paketsafe is available as safe delivery place. The parcel delivery person is happy!

2. Open
After opening the lid with the Paketsafe logo, the bag unfolds.

3. Parcel in
The volume of the Paketsafe is massive. The delivery person just puts the parcel in.

4. Lock it
By pulling the steel rope, the safety lock automatically locks the bag and the parcels are safe. Done. Easy, safe, fast.

5. Coming home
When coming home, you realize that a parcel is waiting for you, safe and dry. Joy is spreading! What did I order again?

6. Unlock it
Use one of your 4 keys to open the lock…

7. Take parcels out
… and take your parcels out.

8. Roll it up. Done.
Just roll up the bag and stow it and your Paketsafe is ready fort he next parcel.

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No need for my signature? Why? Authorization to deposit!

Will my parcel service understand this?

Short and easy: Yes!

Over 300.000 successfull parcel deliveries in 9 countries prove this!

Why? Easy: the parcel delivery person uses and loves Paketsafe, because she/he has a huge personal advantage when using it.

The parcel delivery service saves time

Did you know that most parcel delivery persons will only get paid for successfully delivered parcels? He/she just wants to deliver your parcel: fast and safe. Paketsafe helps him/her to do so.

The parcel delivery person saves stress

Ringing all the bells in the neighbourhood to find someone accepting parcels for neighbours? Not necessary any more, thanks to Paketsafe!
Customer complaints because the parcel placed in front of the door was wet or got stolen? No longer, thanks to Paketsafe!

Super easy handling

The Paketsafe is super easy to handle for the delivery person. Open the lid, parcel in, lock it. Done! As easy as delivering mail. Optional instruction sticker in pictures (pictogram) included.

Background on the job as parcel delivery person:
Delivering parcels is a truly hard job. Most parcel delivery employees work very hard, diligent and especially around Christmas extremely long hours. They receive little money and are under time pressure all day long.
When a postman arrives, he will always find a postbox at the house or apartment.When a parcel delivery employee arrives, he usually finds: nothing! People expect they just find a way to deliver the parcel. Believe us, when we tell you our experience from 300.000 successfull Paketsafe deliveries: Your parcel delivery service will be happy to use the Paketsafe!

What makes Paketsafe special?

At the core of our Paketsafe is its stainless steel mesh wire, woven into two layers of high quality water-resistant nylon (similar to modern rubber boat materials). Glued for perfect fit and high durability.

Paketsafe how it works


For a good reason Paketsafe is called "flexible parcel box". Paketsafe is very spacious, also for big and heavy parcels, but rolled up it is very space saving, aesthetic and clean. No other parcel box can offer this. Paketsafe is unique and received several awards.

Open for all parcel delivery services

Through the patented, self securing lock, Paketsafe is open for all delivery services and so easy to use that every delivery person can securely deliver parcels or other goods. This flexible parcel box is a real allround product.


Rain, hail and snow are no problem for Paketsafe. It is water- and weather-resistant. Paketsafe keeps its form no matter if it is very cold or very hot. A massive advantage over inflexible parcels boxes that get deformed through temperature fluctuations.


Knives, scissors, cutters etc. have no chance against Paketsafe. For "opportunity thiefs" it is as safe as a metal box, but a lot more flexible.

Paketsafe, the flexible parcel box outplays any other parcel box by far. Parcel box? Paketsafe!