Does my parcel delivery service understand this?

Does my parcel delivery service understand this?

Your parcel delivery service loves to use Paketsafe, because he/she saves a lot of time and stress using Paketsafe. Thanks to the easy handling and instructions in pictures it works straight away with most parcel delivery services. Learn more „how it works“

Can the bag be cut with a knife? How is it safe?

No. The bag is protected by high quality stainless steel mesh wire, which is woven in around the whole bag. Knives, scissors, cutters etc. have no chance.

What happens when a 2nd delivery service comes at the same day?

When the 1st delivery service pulls the lock, it is locked. We want to ensure that your parcels are safe. According to the largest parcel delivery services, getting several services on the same day happens in average households a lot less than expected, usually only around 2-3 times a year. Households shopping a lot more than average or customers with a small business at home can either give the delivery service they trust most one of the 4 keys or often buy two Paketsafe.

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