Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1
Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1

Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1

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The Paketsafe Mailbox Generation 1 is our first product in which we combined the funcionality to receive mail, parcels and newspapers. It is very compact has a modern design and full parcel functionality.
Due to the very slim form, the Paketsafe bag is sitting tight inside the housing and thus, it requires a dilligent stowing. Also, the material of the housing is thinner than in our current mailbox product, which is built upon the Paketsafe Plus. If you are focussed mostly on the function and would like to save some money, you are right with this product. If you search for highest possible comfort, you should look at the new Paketsafe Mailbox.
  • High-quality, integrated stainless steel mesh wire makes Paketsafe safe and robust
  • 3-in-1 combination for mail, parcels and newspapers
  • Water-resistant and cut-proof
  • Open for all parcel, courier and delivery services. Always ready for use
  • Securely locked with mechanical safe-lock
  • Space-saving design
  • Huge volume for XXL parcels (Example size: 70cm*40cm*30cm)
  • For all parcels up to 31.5kg

  • Mailbox housing: powder-coated steel plate
  • Paketsafe
    • Bag with high-quality integrated stainless steel mesh wire
    • Safety-Lock
  • 2 keys mailbox, 4 keys Paketsafe
  • Wall mounting set
  • Instructions (Usage + Mounting)
  • Name plate for engraving + stickers for delivery services

    Paketsafe Mailbox should be mounted together with a second person. The required mounting-set for wall mounting is included.
    The Paketsafe Mailbox should ideally be placed near your entrance door.
    More information and a video manual can be found here.


    The delivery services loves to use Paketsafe, as it saves a lot of time and stress also for the delivery person. Thanks to the easy handling and instructions in pictures, it works very well. See more under how it works

    Can the bag be cut with a knife? How is it safe?

    No. The bag is protected by high quality stainless steel mesh wire, which is woven in around the whole bag. Knives, scissors, cutters etc. have no chance.

    My parcel delivery service person does not understand German or English. Will he/she understand Paketsafe?

    Yes. For Paketsafe, no language skills are necessary. It works intuitive. Just in case, we included for every product a sticker with a visual instrucation in pictures. But in most cases, this isn't even necessary.

    What happens when a 2nd delivery service comes at the same day?

    When the 1st delivery service pulls the lock, it is locked. We want to ensure that your parcels are safe. According to the largest parcel delivery services, getting several services on the same day happens in average households a lot less than expected, usually only around 2-3 times a year. Households shopping a lot more than average or customers with a small business at home can either give the delivery service they trust most one of the 4 keys or often buy two Paketsafe.

    More information here.

    We are fully convinced that our Paketsafe has the best value for money ratio on the market and that it pays off very fast. However, saving a bit more is always nice, right?

    As a family owned start-up our most important task is to get known. But we are not able to afford expensive TV commercials.

    So this is the deal:

    You find family, friends or neighbours who are also interested in getting a Paketsafe and order those together and we reward you with a better price.

    Starting with 3 Paketsafes you can get an individual discount.
    Contact us for an offer. Contact us


       2x Paketsafe as twin pack!

       Twin-Pack offer!



    7 kg

    Shipping Size

    Packaging LxWxD: 60cm x 45cm x 15cm


    Housing: powder-coated steel plate

    Bag: 2 layers of nylon with integrated stainless steel wire mesh


    HxWxD: 56cm x 38cm x 12cm

    Load capacity PAKETSAFE

    31.5 kg

    Parcel Volume PAKETSAFE

    140 liters
    Example sizes for parcels WxHxD:
    1) 80cm x 55cm x 15cm
    2) 70cm x 35cm x 35cm
    3) 70cm x 45cm x 25cm
    4) 70cm x 40cm x 30cm

    Mailbox opening

    WxH: 33cm x 25cm


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